Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays 🌼

Happy holidays, everyone!
If you don't follow my Twitter, or
if we aren't friends on Facebook,
then you might not be aware of my 
recent singing/dance cover with
KRP28 member Jenny!

We got together and decided
to sing and dance to AKB48's
"aitakatta" for Christmas!

This was my first time dancing,
ever! So it was really hard, and it was
pretty scary going putting it out there!
Despite some complications, I did get it done!
I don't feel I tried as hard as I could have,
but nonetheless! Jenny's editing made it
look amazing!

Jenny and I are already planning our
next collab, and I can promise it'll be 110% better!
I can't wait; we're working really hard ♡

Please comment, rate, share, let us know
what you guys think! Con crit is always welcome!



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