Monday, December 2, 2013

Pink ✿

Hello, everyone!
I'm terribly sorry for the dry
spell in my posting, things around here
are really busy, especially with the holidays!
Anyway, I recently ordered a pink jumper off
of Ebay, and I received it  a few days ago!

Of course, I did take a couple photos ♥

Forgive my messy editing and...
everything else. I quickly tried to make
the photos look nice. Anyway, this jumper is
the cutest thing, and I'm really happy it fit!

I love batwing clothes because they're not
clingy and tight (which I hate in shirts), but it
still looks cute with a white shirt underneath.
Even though there are holes in it,
I don't feel exposed in it at all! Probably since
it still takes some looking through to see my
skin, haha ♪

I'm actually not happy with the way I look
in these photos, but whatever! That's not what
this is about, right? Anyway, on the the review for
this Ebay store ♥

The store is called
7bee on Ebay, and they sell Asian fashion,
with a lot of their items not only being cheap,
but also having free shipping !

I had $8.00 to burn, and this jumper
was a cheap $7.99, so I had to get it!
It would be perfect to wear on my
night out on my birthday ♪

The jumper I received looked exactly like
the one in their photo, so I have no complaints!
The shipping price, arrival time, and fit are perfect!
I ordered it on the 15th of last month, and it
arrived on the 29th, so that shipping was amazingly fast
for getting it free♥

The only problem was a small tear near the bottom,
but that was easily sewn up in under a minute, so there is
no problem whatsoever!

My review for this store, overall,
would be a 9/10 simply because I cannot comment
on their customer service, and because of the hole.
But I had no problems, and I will
definitely buy from them again ✿

Also, my lenses from Pinky Paradise arrived today,
so expect their review in the next few days!



  1. This jumper looks so pretty and comfortable! I can't believe you bought it for $8, what a great deal :)


  2. omg your outfit is so adorable! and you're so cute! <3
    looks great!