Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Birthday ✿

Hello, everyone!
Today I got to celebrate my
21st birthday!
Since it's a Tuesday,
everyone was busy, and I 
decided to spend it with my parents
instead! It was very enjoyable.

First, at 12:00am, I took a
selfie with my puppy, haha!

She was tired, but I made her!
As long as she's being held, she's happy♪
I decided that this would be my first video
as a 21 year-old old lady!

It's not much... But I wanted to.
I got make up from Yuki chan, and I wanted to use it!
And I think the title was a little funny, haha ✿

Later I got to have Starbucks!
Which I know, it seems like I go a lot,
but in reality I don't. If I'm very lucky,
I can go 2 times a month!
But usually it's only once every couple
of months, so I was lucky to go♪

I didn't leave to go to dinner
until it was about 4:00pm, so I was ready!
I was excited, and I couldn't wait for the
delicious food ✿

I wore my lenses, of course!
and I also painted my nails a pretty
pink to match my outfit!

There were lots of pretty lights, they even
had decorated a few places. I really wanted to sit
in one of the booths, but there was a party
right behind my family and I that were
getting this one.

I ordered the shrimp parmesan sirloin,
and it was so delicious! I also had sides
of broccoli and mashed potatoes, but
in the end I couldn't eat it all.

Of course, since I turned 21,
I also ordered a drink!
Well, a margarita... But they had mango!
I've tried them before with my sister,
but they hadn't had it. So, me being the
mango lover I am, got one!
My mum did, too c:

It's actually a bit more of
an orange, but it looked green
under the flash.

It was yummy, but I don't like
the taste of alcohol, so after today
I'll probably stick to my coffee addiction,

Before I left, of course,
my dad mentioned it was my birthday,
and the waitress and the staff sang to me.
I was so embarrassed, but it was fun!

Our waitress was the girl on the far left,
she was so nice and patient with us, since my
dad took forever to order.

The brownie piece and ice cream they gave
me was also really delicious!
I'm glad it was small, since I was full already♪
I really appreciate them doing this!

My mum had taken me out earlier to
buy some fuzzy navels that we could drink together
at home, so I was excited to go home and try those!
I also wanted to relax a bit!

I did enjoy the time spent with her,
since we talked a bit.
I still don't like the alcohol a lot,
but I did like it a little more than
the margarita, and the case of four
was cheaper, too!

I really enjoyed my birthday,
and so many people wished me a happy
birthday on my Facebook, too!
I really wish all days could be like this,
but I'm so tired!

It's time for a nice, long sleep now,
so I'll see you all soon!

Bye bye✿


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