Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pinky Paradise Review ✿ Geo Starmish Brown ✿

Hello, everyone!
I have a wonderful review for you all today!
As you may be able to tell from the title,
I am going to review Geo Starmish Brown
with diameter 14.5 from Pinky Paradise

I ordered these lenses because I was looking
for a natural colour that would enlarge and enhance
my natural eye colour, and from the way they looked
on the model, I couldn't resist them!

They arrived in about 17 days, which is pretty
fast shipping from overseas! Many packages from outside
the USA usually take a month, so the shipping was really
quick, in my opinion ♥
They arrived in a small package:

The package was in surprisingly good condition,
I was expecting it to be a little beat up.
I'm always a little worried about the lenses
when they're shipped in these instead of small boxes,
but Pinky Paradise protected them really well,
and the lenses themselves were wrapped in
pink foam!

I couldn't wait to take them out, 
even the little bottles were really pretty!
Alas, I had to clean them before I could wear them,
and I set them to soak for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, I took them out,
and put them in! Since I was going out,
I thought it would be perfect timing to wear them ♥

These pictures are all in natural sunlight,
with only the third photo having a flash.

↑ Before and after comparison ↑

The lenses are comfortable, even for me,
who has small eyes, and haven't worn lenses
in a whole year! They don't bother me at all ♥

They give my eyes a refreshing look, and enlarge them
without making them look unnatural, so I am definitely in love
with these lenses! While I was out, I also got many compliments on my
'natural light brown eyes' from strangers, so I 
have completely got the desired results from these lenses.

They also sent me two gifts along with the lenses,
which would be the cute animal case (which is free with every order).

And the fringe pinner!
... I'm not sure what you call it in English,
but I'm really grateful they gave me one!
It's really helpful for when I apply make up,
and when I'm wanting to put my lenses in to make sure
my hair is out of my face!

Now on to the rating system,
out of five stars...

Shipping: ★★★★

I give shipping 4/5 stars because it was, like I said,
amazingly fast for something from overseas, and I am
definitely pleased with how quickly it got here.
The only thing I would have liked was to have a tracking number,
(which they might have had, and I just missed), because I got them
a day late since I missed the first time they were delivered,
as a signature was required.

Lense colour: ★★★★★

I'm giving the lense colour a 5/5 because it gives me a
nice colour that doesn't look so ' out there ' that people automatically
knew I was wearing a lens, and it looks so natural!

Enlargment: ★★★★

I'm giving the enlargement of these lenses a 4/5 stars!
I was looking for a natural looking lens, so like I said these do suit
what I was going for, but they were a little big for me, but nothing that
was really bothersome, it's just because I have small eyes.
If it weren't for personal preference, they would have been a 5/5 easily!

Comfort: ★★★★★

I give the comfort an easy 5/5 stars! I have naturally dry eyes,
and even after wearing them in dry weather for about 7 hours,
I didn't feel any discomfort at all! 

Overall, I give these lenses a 9/10 rating, since the only thing for me
is preference and the tracking number, and I have no other problem.
You'll definitely be seeing me wearing these lenses is many future photos,
and I'll proudly tell people I got these lenses at Pinky Paradise

I plan to buy some lenses from them in the near future, as well!


Rin ✿


  1. Ahh, they look so nice on you <3

    They really look natural, but also really pop!

    1. Thank you, friend!
      I really loved how they look natural but stand out and also make people not want to look away from your eyes! I'm just so in love with them ♡

  2. They look so pretty on you!! ^^
    I've never worn contacts before, so I never know what I'd be like with a pair on :S
    I did check the site before out of curiosity and there was a darker pair of brown that I loved! So tempted to get them.

    1. You should definitely try them! Your shipping time will probably be less than mine since they don't have as far to go, so what have you got to lose? If you have free money, I'd go for it! You could wear them in a future video! =D

  3. wow great review Rin! <3
    love the contacts! looks so adorable and cute on you and i have the same blue hair thing!