Monday, November 4, 2013

A busy day ✿

Hello, everyone!
I want to post more,
but I've been so busy lately,
it's unreal.

Anyway, even though today was busy,
it was a lot of fun!
I went to Starbucks again, and while I
forgot to photograph my coffee 
(which is a thing I usually do)
I did take my own photos because...
Why not?


I was having a good hair day, and I just downloaded the
Snapeee app, so I was really happy with everything.
Plus, what could go wrong with hot coffee on a cold day?

 Later on, my dad and I went to eat
at a restaurant called "Steak and Shake".
It's been a few years since I'd been there, so 
I was really happy to go back.

I am a little disappointed the lighting made me
look kind of weird... But, oh well. On to the food!
I had a steakburger & ham on a pretzel bun,

I had to scrape the onions off because I don't like them,
but the burger itself was delicious! Of course, when you go to
Steak and Shake, you also have to have some of their chips!

Steak and Shake also had a lot of milkshakes on sale,
and I was so confused on which one I wanted to try,
but I knew I wasn't leaving without trying one.
In the end I got a White Chocolate Milkshake!

This. Was. So. Good.
You don't understand. It said white chocolate,
but it tasted like white chocolate and cake!
Ah, everything was so good, I just came home and
fell right asleep because I was so comfortable!

I couldn't finish everything I ordered, so I did 
end up bringing half a burger and a few chips home,
but I'm sure my dogs won't mind that, haha.

Thanks for reading!




  1. That milkshake look so tasty! ^_^
    Whenever I order a burger I always request that they remove the onions and nine times out of ten they give me the burger without the onions! :D

    1. Yeah; I could have ordered it without the onions, but the waitress was having a hard day, so I just scrapped them off, haha! And that milkshake was so good, and thy had holiday flavours too! I wanted to try them all ヽ(´Q`)ノ

  2. Is it just me, or are all your pictures in this entry gone now? D: