Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Starbucks get✿

Hello, everyone!
Today my mum bought me a
Starbucks gift card, so I went again!
This time I got a drink, food and instant coffee!
It was delicious ♥

Since I got to go back,
I decided that I'll show you
around my Starbucks!
I had my 18th birthday at this Starbucks,
so I have some memories at this place,
and I love it a lot!

My Starbucks is fairly small, but it's good ♥
It's in a place a lot of people pass by on their way
towards work, so it has a drive through, too,
but I've never used it.

When you first go in to Starbucks,
there's a lot of stuff on the counter, and products.
I actually love this, because I can look at them when 
while I'm waiting to order when the line is long.

The seating area is really nice, they have a few
tall chairs off to the right, which I usually sit in when
I'm without my parents. I really enjoy them,
because I'm only 5'2 (really short).
They use to have really soft chairs to the left,
where the tables are now. I kind of miss them,
but seats are seats, you know?

(I just wish there were more room when it's crowded.)

Anyway, now on to what I bought!
Here's an overview, first ♪

For everything, this time it cost me
a total of about $15.00 for everything,
which honestly isn't too bad, especially for the
instant coffee I got; I've wanted to buy it for a while,
so I don't regret spending so much.

My drink...
I ordered a venti chai tea latte,
but my barista said I'd like something else,
so she had me try it, and of course I love it!
I've been going there since 2009 at least,
so they should know, haha ♪

What I got was a Chestnut Praline Latte;
it was really delicious! I tend to like coffee that
is sweet, but has a few different falvours.
As my barista said, I love sugar coffee, haha ♪


I love pumpkin in everything, so of course
getting pumpkin muffin was on my list!
I asked them if I could have it on a plate,
because it's easier for me to eat the muffin with
a fork than it is to use my hands;
just because I have a thing about getting
equal amounts of cream cheese and muffin in each bite!
They also warmed it up, so it was perfect

And then...

This! I love Via from Starbucks, it just
usually has (in my opinion) a better flavour
than just regular coffee. If it weren't so expensive,
I would probably buy them more often!
Well, I also drink a lot of coffee, so they wouldn't 
last long anyway, even if I did buy a lot.

This is the first time I've bought the Pumpkin Spice Via,
so I have no idea what it tastes like, but since (as I said),
I love everything Pumpkin, I'm hoping it'll be delicious!
I'll probably make a video of it, haha.
If not, a blog post about it at least! Definitely something.

On an unrelated note,
I recorded a short song today,
so I should be getting my first video out in
a few days! It's nothing spectacular,
but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless ♥

Thank you!




  1. I can't wait to watch your video :D
    I love going to Starbucks even though I don't like coffee :( I love their hot chocolates when I visit! But I might try the venti chai tea latter :)

    1. You should definitely try it! I really like coffee (it's 19:30 here and I'm drinking coffee, haha!), but I also really like their Vanilla Bean and Strawberries & creme drinks! Especially if you add mocha to the Strawberries & Creme, yummy ♥

  2. I've never been to starbucks before! (I know it sounds pretty crazy hahaa)~ But that cupcake looks really delicious!