Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Circle Lense Store - Pinky Paradise✿

Hello, everyone!
Today I would like to tell you
about circle lenses, and about a wonderful
online circle lens store that you can buy them from!

In case you're not aware,
circle lenses are colour contact lenses that are
used to not only change your eye colour,  but also give your eyes
a gorgeous enlargement effect.

While circle lenses were first made popular in the US by
Lady Gaga in her "Bad Romance" video,
they are widely popular in Asia, with celebrities like
Model and Singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu also being really
fond of them for every day use.

Now, on to the best part, where you can buy your own!
Pinky paradise is the largest and most well known
online shop for circle lenses out there.

First look at Pinky Paradise's website and you automatically
are greeted with cute and beautiful images!
The colours are really warm, and I think the overall site
gives off a very welcoming and happy feel that I love ♥

At Pinky Paradise,
all lenses are 100% authentic straight from Korea, and all Geo lenses
are protected by the Geo Anti-Fake system, just for you!
With this system, you can check to make sure you're not
buying cheap lenses that could harm your eyes, so you
can rest easy knowing you're getting the real deal ★

(To be completely safe, you should always go to
an eye doctor before buying circle lenses!)

In your search for lenses, Pinky Paradise
offers many ways to find what you're looking for;
such as by brand, colour, and prices! 
But what if you wear glasses, or have other vision problems?

Well, pinky paradise does not only offer Plano lenses,
but also prescription lenses!
They also offer lenses for astigmatism as well,
there is no need to worry if you can wear circle lenses or not!
Pinky paradise has you covered ♪

Pinky Paradise has the most popular and trendy lenses
that everyone has to have! Whether you're going for an innocent, dolly look, or wanting to add a more vibrant, natural sparkle
to your eyes, you can find the perfect lenses here!

They also have many cosplay lenses available that can
help add that authentic touch the costume you worked 
so hard on!

 If you're looking for circle lenses, I absolutely recommend
that you check out Pinky Paradise! Their site is beautiful
and easy to use, they're safe, and the prices
are great!




  1. I've been looking for good lenses in stores and I haven't been able to find any. This is freaking awesome, I checked them out and I love them! C:

  2. i think i might accually try some soon

  3. Thanks for this post and your recommendation!

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