Friday, November 1, 2013

Starbucks and dieting ✿

Good morning, everyone!
It's Rin ♡
Today, I went to Starbucks twice! (*^▽^*)
I woke up at 8:00am and went once with my mum, haha.
(Went shopping, too)


I love Starbucks, so I want to go everyday, haha.
The first time I came, I ordered a Chai Tea Latte.
(I also thought "chai" was a funny word, since it means "tea" alone.)
The wind was so cold, so I drank it really quickly ♪

I think Starbucks has the best Chai Tea Lattes!
I'd drink them all the time if I could, haha ♡

I started a diet in August,
and I've lost a little weight already,
so I while I was shopping with Mum
I bought two shirts ♪

In August I was about 175lbs (80kg),
and now I'm 166lbs (75kg)!
I think my natural body is really small,
so I'm aiming for about 95~100lbs (45~50kg).

Since I'm a foreigner,
I think I'm naturally bigger than Japanese people,,
but since I'm also mixed with Japanese,
I think I'm a little smaller than foreigners, too, haha.

✿ I'll keep trying hard to be healthy! ✿

the last shirt I bought?
Well... Even though I'm almost 21 years old...
Since I still like cute things....

It's a Hello Kitty shirt, haha ★
When I saw it in the shop, I thought:
"oh, I probably shouldn't buy it, I'm an adult",
But in the end I just couldn't endure Kitty's cuteness,
so I had to buy it... m(__)m

I think you can see the shirt better
in the above photo (^^;




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