Monday, November 11, 2013

Out shopping✿

Hello, everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted in a few
days, it's been really hectic here!
Today my dog went to the vets to
get spayed, so  I'm kind of lonely....

And what other way to deal
with loneliness than shopping?!
Okay, so I didn't buy anything...
But I did try on a couple tops.

Well, this shirt isn't my style...
But it reminds me of my friend, so when
I saw it, I had to try it on!
I may or may not actually buy it next month
just for that reason, haha!

This sweater looked so much better in person!
It was cute, but it was also $18.00 so in
the end, I also put this back, haha.

The thing about this top was...
It looks good from chest up, but the
rest of it kind of looked like a disaster, haha.

This one actually looked lovely on me in person!
It's my favourite, but it was also too expensive for
me to buy this today. However, I do plan on buying
it first thing next month ♡

After shopping my mum and I decided
we'd take a trip over to Starbucks, since we
were already in the area! Since I discovered a new
drink last time I was there, this time I
ordered another Chestnut Prailine ♡

Also take the time to notice the girl in
the background on the left, also photographing
her own drink, haha! We are those people.
 Of course, no true 'hipster' goes to Starbucks without
taking a selfie, so here's your dose of 
Rin for the day :P

Hope you're all well!



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