Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cake ✿

Good evening, everyone!
It's about 7:10pm here, and I'm eating
dinner, chicken and rice ♥

Maybe you've noticed, but I've
changed my Blogspot theme today!
I worked really hard on it,
so I hope you guys like it, haha ♪

today I baked a cake!
It's a chocolate cake with fudge in the
middle, and then chocolate frosting on top ♥
It's going to be so sweet!

This is the most chocolate I've seen in a cake!
It may end up being too sweet for me, but I'm going
to persevere and make it anyway!
Oh, the icing:

And so,
first up is making the mix ♥

I just love cake batter, so I'd really rather
have eaten it this way, even if it
did make me a little bit ill afterwards...
But I didn't, and I added the fudge on!

The fudge sinks in to the cake,
and in the end gives it a crater like look,
and it's actually pretty neat to watch bake,
although I didn't have any photos of it.

And then, violá ♪
The cake is finished!

 The smell was so good,
it was hard to resist diving right in to it!
I couldn't wait to try it very long,
so it was only until it wouldn't fall apart.
I have to say, I love warm cake ♥

In the end it was a little too chocolatey for me,
and I didn't end up eating much of it...
But I still enjoyed it ♪




  1. That cake looks soo good!
    It's so fun making them isn't it? I love making Victoria Sponges :) Especially with lots of cream and jam in the middle! I love your new theme!

  2. That cake looks so delicious!! ;P
    I like the fudge on the top~

  3. Oh and i like your new blog design! Looks really fresh and vibrant! ^_^

    1. Thank you so much, I was really trying to go for a fresh, spring-y kind of feel! So, I thought yellow flowers would be perfect! (*^^*)